A Day on the Town

Today was one of those rare days that I was able to spend in the city in which I live. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t usually have much time on weekdays to appreciate Seattle because I work on the other (east) side of Lake Washington, in Redmond. Today and tomorrow are different, though, because I have jury duty and actually get to appreciate the Emerald City for once!

Jury duty itself has been interesting so far: This marks the second time that I’ve been summoned in as many years. Luckily, I’m within walking distance of the courthouse and was actually selected as a potential juror on a trial before being promptly dismissed; this is far better than my previous stint as a juror, which consisted of waiting in the juror assembly room for two days without ever being selected as a potential juror for a trial. The moral of the story is to bring a good book, laptop, or portable gaming system to pass your time!

After my obligations to the Supreme Court of Seattle ended at 3:30 p.m., I went back to my apartment and took an hour-long nap, which I sorely needed for two reasons: (1) I am not used to waking up before 7:00 in the morning and (2) I have been fighting a cold-induced headache for the past two days. Be that as it may, I met up with some friends around 5:00 to see a movie at The Central Cinema, our local pizza, beer, and movie joint. We watched The Dark Crystal, an old Jim Henson movie about the Skekses and Mystics and a prophecy of how the world would be changed by a Gelfling. It was a bit of nostalgia and as good as I remembered.

Oh yeah, and it finally rained today. We definitely needed it.